It’s been over a Year!

Welcome Back bulldog

It’s been over a year since I logged in to my blog. It’s okay that no one realized – but I am alive!

I’ve been on on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook – it’s even possible I accidentally liked something on Google+ but for some reason the blog became daunting. One week of no posts became a few weeks, which turned in to a few months and now here it is – the end of 2014.

Today as I sat down to do work I decided I need to make the decision to take down the blog – or regularly use it. So I logged in and had a few updates to do just to get started! I’m going to have to rework this layout eventually because I’m choosing (and stating it here so I don’t go back!) that I will blog at least 4 times a week in January 2015. I’d love it to be daily, but let’s be real here.

It’s been a year – I have plenty I can say that has changed since my last post – mainly I have a completely different career, it is 24/7 – I love it AND I’m married with two step-kids! Yet, so much has remained – I’m content most of the time, I have my squishy faced bulldog, Sarge (he was even with us when we got married!).

Wow world, this blog goes back to June 2006. I’ve deleted plenty in the past and I’m about to go update my About Me section. ;) But here’s a re-welcome to my blog. Thanks for staying with me, or finding me for the first time. I’ll be posting an “update to my life” later today.


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Time for a personal update

I’ve been and on and off again blogger for quite some time now. I’m afraid to see how long this blog goes back to!! I’d like to say my life is settling in, but unfortunately I’ve been having some health problems lately that the doctors can’t seem to pin point. Fortunately, I have a great back bone in my life by the name of Clint who I’m going to marry. We had two dates the day I met him (lunch on a work day, and then a movie and a late night dinner with tons of conversation); I actually texted one of my best friends here in Utah who I knew would still be awake and told her I was going to marry him that night.

Clint and Megan

And I was right. I’ll fully admit (And I’ve told him this – so if he or his family are reading this they shouldn’t be surprised!) I didn’t want to even go on the date that day. We met online, he didn’t follow up with our e-mail conversation, he was divorced and had two kids, but I felt like I should still go – obviously I wasn’t going to stand him up! Wow, am I glad I went!!!! We met at Cafe Rio, a safe place to meet an online date considering either one of us could have been a serial murderer (and at this point I didn’t even have his phone number though he swears he thought he had given it to me). We had a great, short lunch because I had to get back to work – and we decided to meet back at Provo Towne Center once I had gone back home to let out Sarge to see The Host. After the movie we went across the street to Village Inn (a restaurant, not a hotel for anyone not familiar with the place ;)) and talked, talked and talked some more.

That was it. I was sold. :)

Meeting his kids. A whole crazy story. Have you ever met kids, an ex-wife and an ex-wife’s mom all in one day? Well, I did – and it couldn’t have gone better!!

So, firstly I have to say. When I heard his daughter’s name I was shocked. You can tell from my blog url that my middle name is Shay, and I wouldn’t think it’s a very common name. I was given it because it’s my grandpa’s nickname for my mom (can you tell where I’m going with his?). Yeah, her name is Shay. What are the odds?! And her middle name is also my mom’s middle name.

Anyways, Shay was having a dance recital at Lagoon. I drove to Clint’s and nervously knocked on the door knowing the kids were there … and they both greeted me with hugs. Seriously, best kids in the world! It’s a bit of a drive to Lagoon and they were both occupied with a DVD in the backseat, so he and I had time to talk more in depth about his relationship with his former in-laws (I’m never quite sure how to refer to them as “ex” doesn’t sound nice and they are an integral part of the kids lives, as well as Clint’s – and I’ll even say mine!) So, at Lagoon – his former wife, and former mother-in-law were both there to hang out with the kids and cheer Shay on. It’s so nice to be involved with someone who has such a relationship. Obviously, there’s heartache involved, and past drama and negativity – I’m not discounting that but I’m also not going to go into that here. It’s not my business, and especially not the business of the world on this blog. What goes on between Clint and I in regards to the past will never, ever be shared here so if you’re looking for a drama llama, you’ve obviously come to the wrong place. The kids are lucky to have grandparents who love them so very much and would go to the ends of the earth for them. Clint’s dad came to Lagoon as well.

While we were at Lagoon waiting in line for one of the rides Clint’s son, Haden, spoke up and asked about “So, when you’re our step-mom ….” Now you have to realize, this was weeks in to our relationship, and while we knew were were ‘something’ (I was meeting the kids after-all!) We hadn’t had the actual talk. So thanks to Haden for bumping up our time frame on the serious talk.

Clint, Megan, Haden, Shay

There have been oh so many instances of the kids speaking their minds. One night at a family dinner with Clint’s parents, Haden’s prayer was something like “Heavenly Father, thank you for this day, thank you for this food, please bless it and please help Daddy to marry Megan. Amen” At one point I didn’t realize the kids had Clint’s phone and I texted something about planning a wedding and all of a sudden the kids came bounding up the stairs to Clint yelling “I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!” Oh my, those kids! Love them forever, that’s for sure. For now, I’m just “The best future step-mom in the world.”