It’s here! 9th 20SB Blog Swap

Hello, there. I’m Hannah. So nice to meet you.

Today, I am “blog swapping” with Megan, which means she is posting at my blog,

This swap is all about my favorite season: summertime.

When I was a child, summers were all about travel, snow cones, and swimming pools. Oh, and the wondrous joys of a later bedtime! But as I grew older and eventually began college, suddenly, summer was all about working and earning money for tuition. Then, one summer, I decided to try volunteering as a missionary, an attempt to do some good and maybe make a difference.

I spent the summer in Baltimore, where I helped lead a youth development program, and although the term “youth development program” may sound fancy, I simply mentored kids who worked at a church. 

Okay, okay, I tried to mentor these kids (but often hid from them and their chaotic ways by ducking behind furniture).

I didn’t have to go at it alone, though. I had a partner, who is now my husband.

That being said, nothing brings two people together like attempting to have authority in the face of 32 rambunctious teenagers…
But back to the prompt: summertime. Now that I am married, summers are different, yet again. Damian and I both finished school, so when summer came around, life was pretty much…the same, except for the weather.

But I wonder what summers will be like when we have kids? I imagine that once again, summer will be all about travel, snow cones, swimming pools, and later bedtimes. But by that time, I’ll be the one planning the vacations, buying the snow cones, and scouting neighborhood pools. Oh, and I may not be quite as excited about that later bedtime :)

But there I go again, daydreaming about the future, when there is so much happening all around me.

For instance, Damian and I just made our first big move to Missouri, so we are getting a taste of the end of summer here, but what is next year going to be like, when we have an entire summer in the Midwest, with cool breezes and little humidity? Oh, the possibilities :)

Thanks to Megan for allowing me to hijack her lovely blog, and you can find me anytime you like at


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